If you want to help out getting HASS.Agent translated into your prefered language, you can easily do so through our POEditor project - no coding knowledge required:

POEditor HASS.Agent Project

Thanks to POEditor for providing a free opensource license!


Everyone can join and dive right in. Just select the language you want to help with, and register or log in with a listed auth provider.


If your language isn't listed, you can click Click here to suggest a new language and select the one you want.

When you've joined, you see the list of strings ('values') that need translating. On the left you see the English value:


As soon as you go to the next field, you entry is saved.

Please take care to copy spaces, periods, etc. Also take note of the linebreaks (\r\n) and make sure to copy them in the right position.

POEditor will help you if you forget something:


Just click on your text so it becomes editable, change it and continue with the next one.

To make keyboard shortcuts possible, the & sign is added in front of the relevant letter. For instance, in this screenshot:


The translation reads &hide. Please add the & in front of the corresponding letter in your translation. If the letter is absent, drop the & instead of assigning it to a random letter (otherwise there might be collisions).

Tip (thanks Nejc), you can use Automatic Translation:


Then work down the list correcting the entries.

Note: these translations aren't very good to use as-is, since they're not context aware. It's just a starting point, you'll still have to go through them. Only use this if you prefer changing to writing.

When you're done, please let us know you worked on the translations by sending a notification:


Thank you for your time and effort!


These are the current translation heroes: