Performance Counter Debugging

Windows' Performance Counters can enter a corrupt state from time to time. HASS.Agent will show this message:


You can easily fix this with a few commands.

First, open an elevated command prompt (search for cmd in Start, then hold ctrl and shift while you press enter) and copy & paste the following commands:

cd c:\windows\system32
lodctr /R
cd c:\windows\sysWOW64
lodctr /R

You can now close the command prompt. Open an elevated Powershell prompt (search for powershell and use the same trick as above) and enter the following commands:

Get-Service -Name "pla" | Restart-Service -Verbose
Get-Service -Name "winmgmt" | Restart-Service -Force -Verbose

Now start HASS.Agent, and the error should be gone. Chances are the satellite service crashed as well, so make sure to go to Configuration -> Satellite Service and click start service.