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HASS.Agent is a Windows-based client (companion app) for Home Assistant, developed in .NET 6. It provides notifications, quick actions, commands, sensors and more.

Click here to download the latest installer.

Please consult the various topics on the left for more information.

Need additional help? Visit the dedicated HA forum thread or join on Discord.

Visit the LAB02 Research Site for release info, development backstories, and misc. posts.

C# or Python developer, or able to help out with tickets? Please read this: lab02-research.org/2023-04-01-help-wanted

Starting from zero, and want to learn what HASS.Agent's about and how to start? Be sure to check the introduction article, and optionally the command basics.

Have anything to add? Feel free to create pull requests for the documentation repo, or just send a mail:



HASS.Agent is completely free, and will always stay that way without restrictions.

However, developing and maintaining this tool (and everything that surrounds it, like these docs) takes up a lot of time. Like most developers, I run on caffeïne - so a cup of coffee is always very much appreciated!

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