Adjust Screen Brightness

This example allows you to adjust your screen brightness, by using the Monitorian tool and a CustomCommand. It was created by @DivanX10 (#86).

Note: your screen has to support DDC/CI, check the Monitorian link for more info.

Create a custom command:


We create a mqtt light entity and configure it as below. With it, you can control the brightness of the monitor screen. Make sure you change the brightness_command_template if you've placed Monitorian somewhere else.

    - name: "Living room: Monitor. Screen Brightness"
      unique_id: "pc_livingroom_monitor_brightness"
      object_id: "pc_livingroom_monitor_brightness"
      command_topic: "homeassistant/light/LIVINGROOM/pc_livingroom_screen_brightness/action"
      brightness_command_topic: "homeassistant/light/LIVINGROOM/pc_livingroom_screen_brightness/action"
      brightness_command_template: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Microsoft\\WindowsApps\\Monitorian.exe /set {{ value }}"
      brightness_scale: 100
      on_command_type: 'brightness'
      icon: mdi:monitor-shimmer

To keep the brightness level in the auxiliary element number, and for the values to be equal, then you need to use this code:

{{ state_attr("light.pc_livingroom_monitor_brightness", "brightness")|multiply(0.392)|round(0) }}