HASS.Agent's integration isn't part of Home Assistant's core (yet), so you'll need to install it before you can use it.


The easiest way to do this is by installing HACS (Home Assistant Community Store). It's a central hub through which you can install tons of useful integrations, themes, custom cards and scripts. They've written a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

Or you can use one of the youtube guides, like this one: How to install HACS in 2022 in Home Assistant

You can also ask for help in the HA forums if you're stuck.

After you've installed HACS (and rebooted HA), you can use this link to jump to the integration (thanks @c00ldude1oo):

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

Or if you want to navigate yourself: open HACS by clicking on its icon on the toolbar on the leftside of HA. Then click Integrations -> EXPLORE & DOWNLOAD REPOSITORIES (bottom right) and search for HASS.Agent.

Note: you ONLY need the HASS.Agent integration. The notification and media_player integrations are legacy, you can ignore them.


Another option is to manually install the integration. The downside of this is that you'll also need to manually update every time.

Go to the integration's repository. Click on Code -> Download ZIP:


Browse to the custom_components folder, and extract the hass_agent folder into your HA's config\custom_components folder. Restart HA to load it.


It's highly recommened to have MQTT up and running. This way, you'll have all the latest features. If you don't already have it, follow this guide to help you get started.