By default, the integration uses MQTT to autodetect your devices. With MQTT setup, it'll show up in your Integrations page:


Just hit CONFIGURE, click SUBMIT, pick an area (optionally) and you're done!

You'll now have one (or a list of) HASS.Agent instance(s):


Each instance will have a media_player entity and notifiy service, depending on what you've configured in HASS.Agent.

Note: notify is a service, so it won't show up in the device's page like the media_player entity - you can test it through Developer Tools -> SERVICES.

Note: the integration's device is not the same as HASS.Agent's device, so it'll be empty except the media_player entity.


If you don't use MQTT, you can still use HASS.Agent's local API to connect. Click ADD INTEGRATION in HA's Integrations page and search for HASS.Agent. Enter you device's IP and click SUBMIT:


You'll also need to open the configured port in the firewall of the receiving PC (default 5115). You can do that through the configuration window:


Use the legacy integration troubleshooting on the left if something's not working.

Note: the local API doesn't support all functionality of the MQTT variant.